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This is a FIVE day event in Perry, Georgia (south of Macon on I-75 at the State Fairgrounds) that we put on jointly with the Atlanta Kennel Club and the Peach Blossom Cluster where all breeds that can be registered at the American Kennel Club are welcome!  We are licensed by the American Kennel Club to hold this event at about the same time every year.  The next event is scheduled for April 8-12, 2015.

As with all three of our 5-day events, we warm up on Wednesday (on the day before the large events). This year there will be both Time To Beat AND an "Excellent Only" trial on Wednesday's warm-up.

In addition to all of the Standard and Jumper classes, we will be also holding Time to Beat and FAST classes at this event. See the premium for details.

THIS IS A DO NOT MISS EVENT!  This is one of the premier events in the Southeastern United States.  We put this event on to coincide with Conformation, Obedience and almost every kind of trial that you can imagine so even if you do not enter the trials, this is a great time to come to just gawk and visit Vendor City.

The trials are indoors (yes, air conditioned!) on packed dirt on two full sized rings.  We  employ electronic timing and computerized administration to insure that the trial is both smooth running - and fun for the exhibitors.

To put on such a large event we rely heavily upon volunteers.  There are about 450 volunteer positions that we need filled over the 5 days, so we really need your help.  To encourage volunteering, we offer "Bucks" which can be spent at the event or for future entries.  Even after the trial is closed to further entries, the Event Volunteer link at will still be open to you for claiming your favorite volunteer positions and times if you will consider volunteering.

Get your Premium List or (even better) enter on-line!

The premium list for this year's April Agility Trials can be downloaded using one of the links below.  Entries for these trials will be accepted on a first received basis. Entries will be accepted beginning on the opening date of February 18, 2015, at 9:00 AM.  The closing date for the trials is March 26, 2015 at 4:00 PM.  Remember that entries for this trial are on a first received basis and we are allowing online entries for this popular trial. We expect to fill quickly!  Make sure to get your entry in earlier rather than later!  There are rewards for volunteering to help online as well.

Remember:  You can enter this trial online with a credit card rather than by mail AND GET AN INSTANT CONFIRMATION!

Click here to download your Premium List in Adobe PDF Format.


Conflict Policy and On-Line Conflict Forms

One of the great things about these trials is the variety of venues in which you can compete with your dog. Unfortunately that sometimes leads to conflicts among the different venues. We would like to accommodate every conflict but that may not be possible in every situation. We have instituted the following policy regarding conflicts, which we believe will resolve all but a few rare instances. In those cases the exhibitor may have to make a choice where they will compete. Exhibitors falsely claiming conflicts or abusing this privilege in any way may be charged with misconduct.


Exhibitors in any class may make arrangements with the Gate Steward to adjust their running order within a jump height in order to accommodate a conflict. The general rule is that dogs should be moved forward in the running order rather than back. The Trial Committee has elected to delegate this authority to the Gate Steward and is a privilege the Committee is extending to exhibitors in view of the possibility of an unusually high number of conflicts. No form is required for changes in running order within a jump height.


If changing running order within a jump height does not resolve conflicts, exhibitors may submit a request to run at a time other than during their jump height. The Trial Committee will consider the request, and if granted, the Committee may assign a new running time for the exhibitor. Any exhibitor making such a request must make the request in writing using the provided Conflict Form by 5:00 PM, the day prior. The Committee will review all requests and decisions relating to such requests will be announced by 5:30 PM, the day prior. If you have a conflict for Thursday, check in with us Wednesday afternoon when you arrive or notify us via e-mail no later than Noon on Monday prior to the trial. If you declare a conflict, and are assigned a new running time or order, that will be the time you are required to run. If you are not present at that time you will be marked absent and will not be permitted to run at any later time.


If the request is granted, the Committee may assign a new running time for the exhibitor either at the beginning or at the end of the class. If running at the beginning of the class, the exhibitor is expected to walk the course with the other exhibitors. For any exhibitors assigned to run at the end of the class, a walk period of 5 minutes will be permitted.


If the request is granted, the Committee will assign a new running time for the exhibitor at the beginning of the class. The exhibitor will walk the course with the exhibitors running in the first jump height and then run prior to those in the first scheduled jump height. Neither the Gate Steward nor the judges are authorized to allow anyone to run after their jump height is completed. Only in the most rare circumstances, and solely at the Trial Committee’s discretion, will anyone be permitted to run after their jump height is completed.


It is your responsibility to determine if a conflict exists.  The conformation shows are superintended by Jack Onofrio Dog Shows.  Your entry information can be obtained by visiting their website at:  We encourage you to visit the Onofrio website to determine your probablility of conflicts - especially if you think you may have a conflict on the first day of our trials.


The form you download below may be e-mailed to the address on the form or faxed to the Trial Secretary at 770-667-1878 until Noon on the Monday before the trial.  You can also hand deliver the form between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM on that Wednesday.

Click here to download your Conflict Form in Adobe PDF Format.


Would you like to be a Vendor?

If you would like to be considered for a vendor spot, you will need a Vendor Application:

Click here to download the application in Adobe PDF Format.


If you do not have an Adobe PDF Reader - shame on you.  Click on the graphic below to safely install a FREE reader on your computer.  We will be using this reader quite a lot on our site and you will want to have it.  Go ahead and do it now and try it out on the link above.

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